Maria and Troy claim their 16-year-old daughter is disobedient, disrespectful and out of control.

They claim they have tried everything to change her behavior, even sending her away to boarding school for 16 months, but they say nothing has worked.

“We have tried everything to help Ashlyn,” Troy says.

They claim their daughter drinks, does drugs, steals and leaves the house “sometimes for days at a time,” according to her father. Besides her behavior, Ashlyn’s parents claim she has also become verbally and physically abusive.

“One time, she got physically violent and punched me in the stomach and slapped me in the face,” Maria claims – a claim which her daughter absolutely denies.

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Her parents claim things have gotten so bad, they say they have now given up and no longer even try to keep their daughter in line.

“We don’t do anything to discipline Ashlyn,” Maria says.

The teen insists she’s not a bad kid. In fact, she says she’s “just a normal teenager.”

“I may yell at my parents over some dumb stuff, but I feel like they try to make me mad and piss me off,” she says, admitting that she has hit her father during an argument, but adds, “I have never put my hands on my mom.”

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“They need to start stepping up and being better parents … I love my parents to death, but I just feel that they need to start spending time with their kids more,” she continues. “I don’t feel loved when I’m with my parents at all.”

But while Maria and Troy say they absolutely love their daughter, at this point, they also say they are looking forward to her being out of their home.

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“At this point, we are waiting until she’s 18 years old so we can throw her clothes out and she can be gone,” Maria says. “And then she’s no longer our problem.”

This episode of Dr. Phil, "Beautiful and Out of Control," airs Friday. Watch more here.