Mary claims she believes her grandson’s mother and her boyfriend have been “abusive” toward the boyfriend’s daughter.

That is why, Mary says, she then decided to try to contact the little girl’s mother, Ashley, thousands of miles away.

“A few months ago, I was contacted by a lady named Mary. She found me on social media,” Ashley says, explaining how she learned of Mary’s allegations. “Mary explained to me that Robert and his live-in girlfriend, Kim, were horrible parents.” Both Kim and Robert vehemently deny Mary’s claims.

After agreeing Robert would take custody of their 1-year-old “for the time being,” Ashley claims Robert than moved the girl to Michigan and kept her hidden for the next five years.

After several hearings, a court recently granted custody back to Ashley, and she now has the girl living with her in Nevada.

However, Robert – the child’s father – and his live-in girlfriend, Kim (the mother of Mary’s grandson), deny Mary’s claims of abuse and they say she is a “pathological liar” who is out to get them.

“Mary has made my life a living hell,” Robert says. “Mary is constantly calling Child Protective Services. She’s accused us of beating and neglecting our children, and it’s ridiculous.”

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“My girlfriend and I have done nothing wrong,” he adds.

Watch the video above as Mary explains why she intervened in this matter.

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