During the Dr. Phil show's 15th season, many guests had viewers talking, and others pulled at their heartstrings. From a teen who dared the audience to “Cash me ousside,” to guests who were on the brink of death and the latest news stories, there were many memorable shows.

As the Dr. Phil Season 16 premiere approaches, we will be featuring some of the most unforgettable moments from Season 15. Check back daily for more highlights from the #1 daytime talk show. And, tune in on Tuesday, September 12 for the Season 16 premiere! Check here to see where you can watch.

13-Year-Old Danielle
Danielle, who garnered internet fame after she told Dr. Phil’s audience to, “Cash me ousside,” said that her mom was too overbearing and controlling, and she just wanted her to back off and let her live her life. Her mother said the 13-year-old’s behavior was out of control and she “no longer wanted to raise her.”

Woman Who Believes She Is Annie from Michael Jackson’s “Smooth Criminal”
Annie said she was convinced Michael Jackson’s song “Smooth Criminal” was written about her. Her daughter Akeeya said her mother is delusional and there is no way she is “Annie” from the hit song.

The Shocking Story of One Woman's Life in Sex Trafficking
Kendall claimed she was sold by her parents at birth to a powerful international sex trafficker. She said when she wasn’t locked in a cage with other kidnapped children, she was flown all over the world on private planes, being sold to wealthy and powerful men – and sexually and physically abused. For the first time since she says she left her life of sex trafficking three years ago, Kendall told her story and explained why she is still petrified that the boss of this operation, whom she calls “the man who owns me,” will find her and bring her back.

24-Year-Old Teacher Who Had Sexual Relationship with 17-Year-Old Student
Mary Beth Haglin, 24, made national headlines after she was fired from her teaching job for allegedly having a 9-month sexual relationship with a 17-year-old student. The former teacher, who said she was the victim, claimed the teen seduced her with “his very educated mind” and that he “twisted her brain into accepting it.

Aaron Hernandez’s Fiancee, Shayanna Jenkins-Hernandez, Breaks Her Silence
Aaron Hernandez’s fiancée, Shayanna Jenkins-Hernandez, spoke out for the very first time since the football star’s shocking prison suicide, in a two-part Dr. Phil. She revealed what he said in their very last phone call, what she thinks about his suicide note, and shed light on the former New England Patriots’ mindset in his final hours. And, Jenkins-Hernandez responded to rumors about Hernandez’s sexuality and his alleged intimate relationship with a fellow inmate.

Open Heart Surgery, a Pacemaker and 10 Days in a Coma: "Our Beautiful Former Soccer Star Sister is Still Addicted"
From being in a medically induced coma for 10 days and placed on life support, to needing emergency open heart surgery and a pacemaker, Bethany nearly lost her life due to the effects of her IV heroin use. But despite nearly dying, Bethany said she was still using heroin multiple times a day.

Burke Ramsey

Twenty years after child beauty queen JonBenet Ramsey was murdered, her older brother, Burke Ramsey, spoke out for the first time in an exclusive interview with Dr. Phil.

Multiple Restraining Orders and Fake Births

Brittany said she wrote to Dr. Phil devastated after she found out that her boyfriend, the man she said she loved and with whom she is having a baby, was leading a double life. Dr. Phil’s team uncovered multiple news reports suggesting Brittany had a history of harassing men, fabricating pregnancies, births, and even infant deaths.

David Cassidy
Former teen heartthrob David Cassidy sat down with Dr. Phil to discuss his shocking announcement that he is battling dementia. And, he addressed rumors that he was intoxicated during a recent California performance.

The Girl in the Closet
A young woman who was held captive in a closet by her mother and stepfather from the ages of 2 to 8 years old shared how she struggles to regain control of her life.

Teen Who Believed She Was Pregnant with Baby Jesus

Nineteen-year-old Haley was adamant that she was pregnant with Baby Jesus. Her mother claimed she’s always been a compulsive liar and said there’s no way her daughter was pregnant.