Dustin claims his wife, Amethyst, allows her daughter, Kyrah, to “rule” their household and that their disagreements over how to raise the teen have been causing friction in their marriage. He claims that whenever Kyrah doesn’t get her way, she runs away from home.

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Kyrah admits that she has run away multiple times and says that’s because, “Mentally, I always feel in a bad place when I’m at home.” She says there was a major trauma in her past and that she feels hurt because Dustin doesn’t believe her.

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Dustin admits that he thinks that Kyrah may be lying about the trauma, but Amethyst says she believes and supports her daughter and is angry with Dustin because he doesn’t believe her.

“I feel like if we continue on this path that it will definitely reach a point where I will have to choose one or the other,” says Amethyst.

Does Dr. Phil have a plan to help this family resolve their differences?

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