Almost five years after being released from a decade in captivity in Cleveland’s notorious House of Horrors, Michelle Knight, the first victim of Ariel Castro, has written a new book, “Life After Darkness.”

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“I decided to write the book because millions of women and children were asking me on Facebook how do I do it. How do I survive each and every day,” Knight tells Dr. Phil on Tuesday’s episode.

Knight also reveals to Dr. Phil that’s she is now married to a man named Miguel.

“He’s my little, safe teddy bear,” she says with a smile.

Watch more in the video above. And on Tuesday’s episode, hear an excerpt from the book and what life is like for Knight today. Check here to see where you can watch.

Michelle Knight's new book, "Life After Darkness," will be available on May 1.

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Cleveland Kidnapping Survivor Michelle Knight Reveals Details About Secret Wedding And How She Found Love