Danny says he thinks his mother-in-law, Alana, might have a problem with prescription drugs. “She slurs her words a lot. She has crazy mood swings. She’s unstable,” he claims to add that he worries, “If she is on drugs - then anything can happen. She could put my baby in the car and crash.” Danny claims Alana is a danger to herself - and to his family, which she denies.

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After hearing from Alana about three prescriptions she says she takes together for anxiety, depression, and pain, Dr. Phil tells her, “These three drugs are called ‘The Holy Trinity Cocktail,’ noting that the combination of prescription medications has been referred to by that name because of possible serious drug interactions resulting "with overlapping side effects of drowsiness, respiratory depression, confusion, seizure risk - and death.”

“Might as well give you a loaded gun.”

“You’re 90 pounds, you’re malnourished, and you’re depressed - so let’s give her ‘The Holy Trinity.’ Good God."

What other, ordinary, substance does Alana’s family claim she’s overly consuming and "addicted to” that Dr. Phil tells her can cause effects that mimic "cocaine brain?” This episode airs Wednesday.

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