Casey Parsons, adoptive mother to missing teenager Erica Parsons, says her two youngest children were taken away, when and her husband Sandy decided to retain a lawyer, after being questioned about Erica’s disappearance.

Casey says she and Sandy told a detective in the case they wanted to talk to a lawyer. She says his response was “If you go, you will regret” Casey says the couple went to speak to an attorney at 4:30 in the afternoon and their children were taken away an hour later. Casey says her mother currently has physical custody of the children, and that she and Sandy have not been permitted to see or talk to them.

Watch the video above when Dr. Phil looks at the investigation report from the Department of Social Services and notes there were no reported signs of abuse or neglect in the Parsons household — except for the fact that Erica cannot be located.

Erica Parson’s older brother reported her missing in July 2013, but says he hasn’t seen Erica since November 2011. Sandy and Casey’s 20-year-old son told authorities that his sister isn’t missing — he claims his parents killed her.