2011 was not the first time missing 15-year-old Erica Parsons left home. When the girl was 5, says Erica’s adoptive mom, Casey, she went to live with Casey’s sister Robin for a year.

Casey says this was after her sister complained to authorities Erica was being physically abused in the Parsons’ home; an allegation Casey denies. “She told DSS that we had beat her from head to toe, and when they come to our house the next day, they stripped Erica down all the way to her socks, and found nothing.”

Watch the video above as Casey tells Dr. Phil there is a history of being reported to the authorities by her own family. “Their reasons a lot of times is – they think we have too many kids and we cannot supply for them.”
Erica Parsons’ older brother reported her missing in July, 2013, but says he hasn’t seen Erica since November, 2011. He says he believes his parents killed her.

The Parsons claim Erica is living with her biological grandmother – a woman they call “Nan”; but, they say, they don’t have a phone number or an address for the woman. Police say “Nan” doesn’t exist, and Erica’s actual grandmother has been dead for five years.