Carissa says she was on her way to being a successful international model when she made a series of social media posts that derailed her dreams.

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“The first post that got me in trouble stated, ‘Being transgender does not make you a woman; It makes you simply transgender,’” says Carissa, admitting that she was looking for attention when she posted it.

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As her comment was shared again and again, Carissa says things started to spiral out of control. “People started calling me transphobic,” she says.

Carissa says she began to panic after she was fired by her agent, then rejected by another. Then, she admits, she made things worse when she made a post in which she lied about being transgender herself.

“I did it out of spite because I was upset that certain transgender people called in to my agency and got me fired,” she says.

What does Carissa claim prompted her first post, and does she believe it was insensitive?

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