Tara Lambert says that after an ongoing dispute with her good friend, Kellie Cooke – who was also her then husband’s ex – she set up a murder-for-hire hit on Cooke. Lambert reportedly paid a $125 deposit as a down payment as she requested that Cooke be put in a wood chipper. Twenty minutes later, Lambert was arrested.

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After a trial, an overturned conviction, and a guilty plea, Lambert is currently behind bars serving five years.

Watch her story in the video above.

Did Lambert really want her former friend dead? Dr. Phil’s exclusive interview with Lambert, just hours before she turned herself in to prison, airs Monday. And, the victim, Kellie Cooke, and the woman enlisted to help Lambert find a hit man, sit down together for the first time in an exclusive interview to tell their stories. Plus, on Tuesday, see video of the undercover police sting that led to Lambert’s arrest. Check here to see where you can watch.

Did Former Model Convicted Of Hiring A Hitman Truly Want Her Best Friend Dead?