Exes Sandra and Joey were engaged in a bitter custody battle, with accusations ranging from physical abuse and poisoning ice cream to feeding their girls moldy food and teaching them how to steal. When they first appeared on the show, Sandra even accused Joey of sexually molesting one of their daughters. Joey completely denied the allegations, calling them “outrageous” and accused Sandra of coaching the girls to make up what he called “outlandish lies” -- and he passed a polygraph test to prove he was telling the truth.


But Sandra says that she felt like she didn’t get the chance to tell her side of the story, and now, she wants to set the record straight.


“I wanted to come back to the Dr. Phil show to get peace for my family and to get the actual facts out there,” Sandra says. “On the show, 90 percent of it was inaccurate.”

WATCH: Strong Words For Mom Accused Of Making False Allegations About Ex After He Passed Polygraph


She also says she is now ready to take a polygraph test, which she was offered during her first appearance but ultimately didn’t take.


“I came back to take a polygraph test to prove that all the accusations were honestly the girls coming home telling me whatever it may have been,” she says. “I’ve never coached my girls, I’ve never lied to Dr. Phil or the public. People have seen mislead facts, and that’s why I’m here, to give the true story.”


In the video above, Dr. Phil reviews statements from the previous show made by Sandra’s neighbor, Linda -- who originally wrote to the show to get help for Sandra and Joey -- that Sandra says are complete lies about her, and gives Sandra the opportunity to explain her behavior. And, is Sandra now willing to take a drug test?


On Monday’s episode, hear why Sandra says she called her daughters “liars”, and see what happens that causes her to walk off stage. Check here to see where you can watch.