Harv and Lynne say their son, Mark, is an adolescent living in a 41-year-old man’s body. Mark is currently homeless and living in his beat-up car held together with bungee cords and glue. The couple says they’ve helped him pay off two credit cards, phone bills, electrical bills, and they’ve bought him several cars. However, Harv says he’s more of a “hardliner” when it comes to supporting his son, while he claims his wife is the “money tree.”

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“Do you think you’ve enabled him?” Dr. Phil asks Lynne. “Do you think you made it easier for him to not get it together?”

“Well, I am an enabler. That’s what I’ve been told,” she replies. “I guess I am.”

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Dr. Phil reviews a list of ways Lynne and Harv have helped Mark in the video above. Why does Lynne say she’s done so much for her son?

On Friday’s episode, hear from Mark who calls his lifestyle “car camping.” Does he want to change? Check here to see where you can watch.

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