Tanyadawn was arrested at age 16 and charged with attempted murder and making terrorist threats after fighting with another girl she claims was having sex with her boyfriend. Pregnant at the time of her arrest, the teenager was convicted on lesser charges, and sentenced to serve five months in juvenile detention. Now 17, the teen mom is currently on probation; and living with her mother, Denise, her aunt, Dorothy, and her 79-year-old grandfather in Dorothy’s home.

Denise and Dorothy claim Tanyadawn has been violating the terms of her probation. The sisters say the teenager drinks alcohol and sometimes takes off with friends for days at a time; leaving them and their elderly father to look after her infant son.

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On Monday’s Dr. Phil, Tanyadawn says she sometimes goes out with friends but denies breaking the rules of her probation. She claims Dorothy is always on her “case,” and says she wants her aunt to leave her “the hell alone.”

How does Denise respond when Dr. Phil brings up her own troubled past?

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