Hallie and her mom, Sherrye, say Hallie's 14-year-old daughter, Tatum’s, behavior is out of control. The women say Tatum has been in-and-out of juvenile detention, and that the teen is currently living in a detention facility indefinitely.

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“Tatum has gone to jail at least five times,” Hallie says. “One time, Tatum was trying to break doors at my parent’s house, and my 18-year-old sister was trying to stop her, so Tatum got a box cutter and sliced my sister’s hand. Tatum was charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon.”

WATCH: Mom Describes 14-Year-Old’s ‘Out–Of-Control’ Behavior

“Another time, Tatum threw a glass of milk at Hallie, and punched her and gave her a black eye. She was charged with assault, and she was in jail for 10 days,” Sherrye says.

In the video above, hear more of what the women call Tatum’s violent behavior. Does Hallie take any responsibility for the way her daughter behaves? And, how does Tatum explain her actions? Check here to see where you can watch Thursday’s episode.


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