Sandra and her ex, Joey, were in a bitter battle over custody over their two young daughters. Sandra accused Joey of poisoning their daughters’ ice cream, trying to drown one of them, and even sexually abusing them. Joey adamantly denied the accusations and when they first appeared on the show, Joey took a polygraph exam to prove he was telling the truth and passed. Joey claims Sandra coached their daughters to lie about him.

In the clip above, Sandra explains why she places a lot of the blame on her daughters for causing the drama.

“Knowing the fact that I haven’t coached my kids and Joe passing the polygraph test, there’s only two other little people in the story, and the information that my daughters were giving me was inaccurate,” she says. “Unfortunately, they are liars. The girls made themselves out to be the victims, but they are the ones that started all of this.”

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She says that after she sand Joey initially spoke with Dr. Phil, they had a conversation with their daughters about the accusations to get to the truth.

“Joe and I talked to the girls together about Joe trying to drown my daughter, and she said it wasn’t true,” she says. “They were so, like, in detail to where months later they remembered certain facts. It scares me a little bit because, it’s like, what are my girls capable of?”

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Sandra claims the girls also manipulate her and Joey. “The girls told me they didn’t have toys at Daddy’s house. Come to find out, that wasn’t true,” she says. “These two little girls that you adore and love and you bring into the world, and then, they betray you, that makes me feel horrible. They did this. That’s heartbreaking, because they’re so young. They’re ruining their name.”

This episode of Dr. Phil, “Sandra And Joey Return: Will Sandra Finally Take The Polygraph And Drug Test?” airs Monday. Check here to see where you can watch.