Noelle’s mother, Larissa, says her 14-year-old daughter is a “beautiful disaster” who engages in self-destructive behaviors. She claims the teen brings drugs into the house, took alcohol to school in her coffee, posted an inappropriate video of a friend online, and wrecked Larissa’s car.

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“Disciplining Noelle doesn’t work,” says Larissa, adding, “She has no remorse, no empathy for anything.”

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Noelle’s stepfather, Sean, says they’ve brought her to two or three different psychiatrists, and multiple therapists but, “There’s no respect for any type of authority.”

“Things really unraveled about three years ago when she started sleepwalking in the middle of the night,” says Larissa.

She and Sean say they want to know whether Noelle is just an “unruly teenager,” or if there’s something else going on with their child. Can Dr. Phil help them find the answers?

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