Former couple CJ and Kaylie say they’re opposites when it comes to parenting their 14-year-old daughter, Gabrielle. They say the teen smokes marijuana, drinks alcohol, and claims she’s been sexually active for a year.

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CJ claims it’s his ex-wife’s influence that has caused their daughter to “spin out of control,” but Kaylie says what Gabrielle is doing is just “normal teenage behavior,” and she’s OK with it.

“CJ’s judgment and disappointment was stifling and frustrating, to say the least for Gabrielle,” says Kaylie, who claims her daughter has issues with authority. “Now that she’s not experiencing that regularly, she’s just blossoming like I couldn’t have even imagined,” she says.

Kaylie, who says she’s a “professional dominatrix,” admits she put Gabrielle on birth control at age 12, knows she’s sexually active, and that she smokes “weed.” She says she recently decided to homeschool her daughter “because I think she’d be much more successful.”

CJ says Gabrielle lived with him for the first few years after he and Kaylie divorced, but he sent the teen to live with her mother this past summer after he claims she refused to follow his rules. He says he’d hoped she would see that life was better at his home.

“When it comes to Gabrielle, she is definitely gonna do exactly what she wants to do. If you try to restrict her you should get out of the way,” says Kaylie, who claims her ex-husband is “old-fashioned” and “judgmental.”

“CJ says that I’m her friend and not her mother,” says Kaylie. “But in my mind, I’m definitely both. I am first her friend.”

Kaylie says she knows CJ loves Gabrielle and is a “wonderful father.” Does she say she wants to find a way to co-parent with him? Part one of this two-part Dr. Phil airs Tuesday.

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