Tasha says she’s worried about her 17-year-old daughter, Sierra, who she claims is defiant, manipulative and confrontational.

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“Sierra’s had a very difficult time with the educational system, having confrontations with other students, turning in plagiarized work. She would sometimes leave school to just go get high,” claims Tasha.

“She will steal whatever she wants; makeup, perfume, clothes, jewelry, and food. It’s as though Sierra cannot tell the truth at all. Every word out of her mouth is a lie. Sierra has a hard time taking criticism. She immediately shuts down and goes into tantrum mode and starts screaming.”

Tasha says Sierra recently ran away to California and claims her daughter is homeless, doing drugs and “living amok.”

Sierra says she feels she’s on a “spiritual journey,” but Tasha says she wants her daughter off the streets. Is the teenager ready to be reunited with her mother?

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