Jim claims his daughter, Tara, suffers from severe social anxiety because his ex-wife, Christina, abandoned her at age 13 when she left the family.

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Christina denies Jim’s claim and says his bad parenting is the reason Tara has emotional problems today.

Now 21, Tara still lives at home with Jim, who recently remarried a much younger woman. Keltsey is 22; had been a friend of Tara’s from high school, and is currently pregnant with the couple’s first child.

“Keltsey was 19 when I started dating her,” says Jim who claims she’s the one who pursued the relationship. “I was single and free. Yeah, we hung out, and we’re together.” The age difference between them is nearly 36 years.

Jim says Keltsey moved in to the home he shares with his daughter knowing the situation with Tara, “but probably not realizing how bad it was.”

Christina claims the relationship between her ex-husband and his new wife is an “unhealthy” one and says she doesn’t want her daughter exposed to it. She claims Tara and Keltsey are in competition with one another. Do Tara and Keltsey agree? Tune in Friday for the conclusion of this two part Dr. Phil

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