Cheryl says she objects to her 26-year-old daughter, Stefanie, dating Michael – her boyfriend of a year-and-a-half. She’s claiming that Michael drinks too much, doesn’t work and lets Stefanie pay for everything.


Michael denies Cheryl’s claims, asserting that he takes college classes 10 hours a week, and works part-time as a teaching assistant.

“She absolutely could have met someone who had a job and wasn’t an alcoholic,” says Cheryl, alleging that Michael wrecked Stefanie’s car while he was impaired and let Stefanie take the blame. “She lied to the police and told them she was the one driving.”

Stefanie admits she took responsibility for crashing the car because she “didn’t want to see him go to jail for another alcohol-related issue.”

Michael says he used to hide behind drinking to cope with Body Dysmorphia Disorder. He says he’s been to rehab and claims he doesn’t abuse alcohol anymore, because of his relationship with Stefanie. “I’ve been through a lot of things, with her – without her. But the bottom line is I’d much rather be with her, and she won’t accept me being a heavy booze drinker in a relationship with her.”

Does Cheryl accept Michael’s assertion that he doesn’t have a drinking problem? And why does she say she got upset when she discovered Michael didn’t buy Stefanie anything for Valentine’s Day?

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