Camma’s Fiancé, Andrew, was convicted of statutory rape of her (then) 8-year-old daughter – a crime he confessed to. But Camma claims Andrew is innocent. She’s claiming her ex-husband, Brandon, manipulated the child into lying about the abuse. She also says Andrew told her that he felt “pressured” by authorities to tell them he did it.

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“I was told by him and some family members of his - is that he was just telling back everything he was told had happened – and that he just wanted to get out of the room,” says Camma. She says Andrew told her he was interrogated for three hours by police before he falsely admitted to molesting her daughter.

“Honestly, I was really mad at him for confessing because he said he didn’t do it. He didn’t do it - and I didn’t talk to him for like – a good three months,” says Camma. Then, she says, Andrew called her and told her he was sorry he’d made the admission. “And he wanted a - you know – a fair trial. And we tried to get those things, but we didn’t’ get them at all.”

Does Dr. Phil accept Camma’s claim that Andrew was pressured into making a false confession? And who does Brandon say advised him he had to send his daughter back into Camma's home after the child told him Andrew was touching her?

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