Christy says her 17-year-old son, Cameron, smokes, vapes marijuana, is failing school, and has been physically and verbally aggressive with her.

“Cameron has put me through hell,” says Christy. I am at my wit’s end with him.”

Cameron claims that Christy “overreacts” and says that last year, when he refused to take a drug test in the middle of the night, his mom kicked him out, and that’s when he went to live with her mother, Mary.

“Cameron doesn’t know how to deal with his anger,” says Mary. “He lashes out.”

Christy claims that Mary now enables Cameron’s bad behavior. Why does Mary say she is the only one in Cameron’s life that hasn’t given up on him?

This episode of Dr. Phil, ‘“17 and Extra Mean: Help My Pot-Smoking, School-Skipping Teen!”’ airs Tuesday.

And later, Cameron says that his family is toxic and he’s not the only one creating issues. When he claims his mother just stood by while allowing someone else to physically abuse him, how does Christy respond?

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