Michele says her daughter, Stephanie, was a straight-A student who graduated six months early from high school before going off to college. But then, says Michele, Stephanie turned to alcohol, began partying, and eventually dropped out.

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“Stephanie has so much damn potential, and it’s just being thrown away for drinking,” says Michele who claims her daughter’s drinking has become worse over time.

“When I drink I black out, I fall a lot, I have bruises all over my body,” says Stephanie, 32, who admits she’s had her share of trouble with the law. “I’ve had two DUIs, I’ve flipped a car over, I’ve had a third accident with a car that I took from my mom. “

“She needs to wake up and smell the coffee,” exclaims Michele, who says she had no idea she’d still be supporting her daughter, nearly a decade after she dropped out of college. She claims that her relationship with Stephanie has become so co-dependent and toxic, that all they do is argue and scream at one another.

What does Stephanie say happened to her that she claims is at the root of her drinking?

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'I’m Just The Idiot That Pays The Bills,’ Says Mom Who Claims She Has Supported Alcohol-Dependent Daughter For Years