Cynthia says she always had a close relationship with her 15-year-old daughter, Sadara, but that changed three years ago after Cynthia, her husband, Robert, and Sadara moved to a new state.

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Cynthia claims that’s when Sadara began drinking, smoking pot and running away from home. “My daughter’s life has become a parent’s worst nightmare,” she says

She claims Sadara stole her car and wrecked it, causing over $5,000 in damage. “Earlier this year, she even stole our neighbor’s vehicle. She had been drinking and led the police on a high-speed chase. Sadara hit three parked cars and fled the scene.”

Charged with grand theft auto, the teenager spent nine months in a juvenile detention center.

Robert claims Sadara and her friends also took around $30,000 in valuables from their home, including jewelry and two loaded handguns, resulting in the SWAT team getting involved.

At 15, Sadara’s parents, Cynthia and Robert, claim she’s a chronic runaway and school dropout who has been getting into trouble for years. The teenager served nine months in a juvenile detention facility for grand theft auto, then recently went back for a probation violation.

Sadara claims that getting into trouble is her reaction to feeling like she has no value in her family. She claims that Robert is a tough disciplinarian who calls her names, has cut her hair, and even shackled her ankles to stop her from sneaking out at night. “He treats me like I’m nothing to him,” she says.

“Sadara manipulates everybody in her life,” claims Robert. He says his daughter isn’t the victim of a traumatic childhood but rather a smart, calculating teenager who needs to be stopped when she acts out. “She was raised right. She knows right from wrong,” he continues.

Cynthia and Robert are currently separated, and Robert says it’s because Sadara doesn’t want him there. Does Sadara admit she’s tried to get her parents to break up? Tune in to Friday's Dr. Phil. 

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