Shannon claims her 18-year-old daughter, Ryann, is a pathological liar and a catfish, who portrays herself online as a bubbly blonde cheerleader searching for her prince charming.

But, Shannon says boys beware – she believes her daughter needs psychological help.

“I believe Ryann has a major personality disorder,” Shannon says. “She likes to pretend she’s other people, especially through social media.”

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One of the fake online personas Shannon claims Ryann has created is that of a high school cheerleader.

“Ryann wants the life of being the head cheerleader who’s going to get the popular boy. Ryann sprained her wrist once from a bicycle accident, but told the boys on social media it was due to being on top of a [cheerleading] pyramid and the girls dropped her,” Shannon says. “It’s her fantasy world.”

Ryann denies her mother’s claims, however, Shannon claims her teenage daughter has also gone as far as to lie about being pregnant in order to get a boy to commit to a relationship.

“The boy freaked out,” Shannon claims. “I called the boy and just told him that my daughter is crazy and he should stay away from her.

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“Her plan in life is to trap a boy. She paints this picture to all of them and they have no idea who she really is,” Shannon adds. “Ryann wants to be a MTV reality star. One of her favorite shows is ‘Catfish’ and I’m like, ‘You are one of those girls.’”

Watch the video above as Shannon also talks about why she believes Ryann is being sexually active with the boys she’s meeting online.

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