Amy says her 19-year-old quadruplet son, Chase, was on the National Honor Society, ran track, and held down multiple summer jobs. Then, says Amy, something changed.

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“Three days into college, he tried marijuana for the first time and had a severe panic attack. He ended up having to take medical leave from college. And he came home, and the panic attacks just hit him daily.”

That was 14 months ago. Since then says Amy, Chase has dropped out of school, stolen her car and follows her around, calling her names. “The last year has been a year of hell,” she says.

“Chase is terrorizing the whole family,” says his father, Chris. “He has caused everybody in the house to feel like they’re walking on eggshells.”

The couple says their son has been hospitalized eight times over the last year, and once tried to choke his psychiatrist.

Why does Chase say his parents don’t understand his mental pain? Tune in to Tuesday’s Dr. Phil.

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Teen Claims He Has Been ‘Completely Different’ Since Trying Marijuana One Time