It’s been four years since Marcus and Niki divorced; and since then, the couple’s three teenaged daughters, Sadie, Skylar and Zoe who live with their dad, claim that their mother has neglected her relationships with them to pursue her relationships with men.

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“She doesn’t really do mom things with us anymore,” says Sadie, 19, claiming that Niki has become obsessed with her new boyfriend, John.

Fourteen-year-old Zoe says, “My mom has chosen John over me and my sisters.”

“She said that John was here to stay; and since we were the kids, we had to like him,” claims Skylar, 16.

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“I very much so think that my mother only dates men for their money,” adds Skylar. “That’s why she’s trying to get with John.

Niki denies neglecting her children and dating men for money but admits her relationship with John has put a wedge between her and her girls.

When the sisters accuse their mother of being a “gold digger” who is only interested in becoming John’s “trophy wife,” how does Niki respond? Tune in to Wednesday’s Dr. Phil.

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