Tammy first came to Dr. Phil in 2011 looking for help controlling her self-described anger issues, especially when it came to dealing with her daughters: Tatiana, 15, and Tameeka, 13.

Now, five years later, Tammy says she has curbed her anger – but she says she feels like she’s now lost her oldest daughter, Tatiana, who is now 20.

“It saved my life, but my two girls have taken two different paths,” Tammy says of how life changed following her first appearance on Dr. Phil.

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While Tammy says Tameeka went from a teen struggling in school to a young woman who is now excited to start college, she says Tatiana’s life took a much different path.

“Things changed for Tatiana when she would not go back to school for her senior year,” Tammy explains. “I gave her three options: get a job, get a volunteer position or she could do anything towards education. She left that day and never came home again.”

Tammy says her daughter took her message as if it were an eviction notice, and it’s now been three years since Tatiana left home, and has been hitchhiking, train hopping and living on the streets ever since.

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While Tatiana recently called her mother to ask if she could come home, Tammy says she refused.

“About one month ago, I got a message that asked if she could come home for a month,” Tammy says. “I told Tatiana she could not come home with the lifestyle she’s currently living.”

Now, Tammy says that was “one of the hardest decisions” she’s ever had to make, and she’s wondering if it was the right thing to do.

Watch the video above as Tammy discusses the ultimatum she gave Tatiana before she left home – and how Tammy says she’s changed since her first time on Dr. Phil. Plus, tune in to Monday’s show to see Tatiana’s emotional reunion with her mother and her sister.