“My mom is a ticking time bomb that can explode on you any second,” says Ginny. She says she cut Sonia out of her life two years ago, because of what she says is her mother’s “insulting mouth.” Now Sonia’s other daughter, Christina, says she is debating whether she should do the same.

WATCH: Daughters Say Mom Is ‘An Embarrassment’ Because She ‘Cusses, Rages, And Picks Fights With Strangers’

In the video above Christina claims her 11-year-old is afraid of Sonia. “My mom’s behavior can be so bad that my son and I have a code word so that I would pick him up early. It’s sad that I have to protect my son from his own grandma.”

But Sonia strongly denies behaving badly in front of the boy. “I never get into fights with anybody while my grandson is around,” she says.

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Daughters Claim She’s An Embarrassment
On Monday’s Dr. Phil, Sonia reveals ssome of what has happened to her that she says has made her so angry. Can he help Sonia repair her relationship with her family?

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