Diane says her daughter, Kelly, had everything growing up: a big house in a gated community, a pony that took her to kindergarten, art lessons and modeling school. But now, she says her daughter is a homeless alcoholic who’s three months pregnant and living on the streets with her ex-con fiancé, Robert.

“My daughter went from this beautiful girl, intelligent, artistic to a person living on the streets,” says Diane of 26-year-old Kelly. “She’s pregnant, still drinking. She’s lost everything.”

Diane says that her daughter became a rebellious teen 10 years ago when Diane and her husband divorced, and Kelly’s behavior really changed at 18, when she began drinking vodka.

“I found her sleeping on cement, wearing unwashed, filthy clothes. Her shoes didn’t fit her and she had blisters and sores,” Diane says of when she went to rescue her daughter from the streets and bring her home. “I didn’t even recognize her. It was a shock. I only recognized her voice.”

Diane says she’s also deeply concerned about her daughter’s relationship with Robert, who has been in jail eight times for criminal threats, terrorist threats, and bodily injuries, among other things.

“Kelly’s boyfriend is a violent, disgusting loser. He’s a felon. I hate him,” Diane says, claiming that he buys her daughter alcohol even though she is pregnant. “Since Kelly’s been with Robert, she’s been in jail three times in three months. He has threatened me, he has called me a whore, he has beat up my daughter.”

Turning to Dr. Phil for help, Diane says, “I’m afraid he might even kill her.”

On Thursday’s episode, Diane sees her daughter for the first time in months. And, Dr. Phil gives Kelly a wake-up call about her behavior. Is she willing to change for the sake of her baby? Check here to see where you can watch.