“I consider myself a helicopter parent,” says Amy, whose 20-year-old son, Jai, still lives at home. “He’s my only child. I’ve always felt sad for him because he has abandonment issues.”

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Amy says Jai has struggled with his mental health since childhood and suffered two life-threatening illnesses since turning 18.

WATCH Mom Says 20-Year-Old Son Is ‘Stuck At 16’

“When he was younger, I wasn’t very good at establishing boundaries,” admits Amy, who says she’s spoiled her son. She claims Jai smokes marijuana and plays video games all day; refuses to work or get his GED, uses her credit card without permission and barely leaves the house.

Amy says she doesn’t think Jai is equipped to be on his own. Dr. Phil says Amy has “crippled” her son.

Watch Friday’s Dr. Phil  to learn what happened when Amy says she discovered Jai had purchased a gun.

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