Tom and Christine claim their 20-year-old quadruplets, three identical sisters, Jackie, Liz, and Maria, and their brother, Nick, aren’t able to function as adults. The former couple divorced when their children were around 6.

“Tom and I didn’t have exactly the same parenting strategies,” says Christine, who claims her home was the more structured environment.

Tom, who also claims he gave the children more structure, says, “The kids grew up in two very different households.”

In the video above, Tom and Christine each say they blame the other for their children’s problems, which include learning difficulties, eating disorders, self-harm, and aggressive behaviors. Watch more from part one of this two-part episode,'“Quadruplets: House of Chaos!” to hear what Maria and Liz have to say. Then, on Tuesday’s conclusion, “Quadruplets Face Off,” hear from Liz and Maria’s brother, Nick, and older sister, Antonia, who says she was only able to change her life after moving away from the family.

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