Brittany claims her relationship with her ex-husband, Jeramie, is toxic and abusive. She claims Jeramie can’t stand to see her happy, and when he does, he tries to make her life “a living hell.”

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“Earlier this year I went to Jeramie’s house. He started screaming and cussing and telling me that I made him this way. Then he took out his pistol and shot it in the ceiling,” she claims.

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Jeramie recently moved his new girlfriend, Brittney, into his home, and Brittany insists that’s putting their kids in the middle.

“Brittney has told my children that she was not trying to replace their mother – that she was just there to give them ‘motherly love’,” claims Brittany, adding, “I don’t need her giving them ‘motherly’ anything.”

Brittany says that if she and Jeramie can’t learn to get along and co-parent, then she fears he’ll turn their three children against her.

Jeramie adamantly denies Brittany’s claims. Tune in Wednesday to find out why he insists his ex-wife is a bad mom who needs God.

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