Aundrea admits that she’s an alcoholic and a liar. She has been arrested three times, sent to jail, and had numerous hospital visits all because of her drinking – but she continues to abuse alcohol.

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The mom of three admits that she hides alcohol in her house so her family won’t find out that she is still drinking.

On Monday's episode of Dr. Phil, Aundrea reveals to her family -- who says she’s an embarrassment -- two secrets that she says she's been keeping from them that could land her in prison.

“Because I am so addicted to alcohol, and my husband tracks all my receipts, I shoplift,” Aundrea says. “I got arrested the first time I did it.”

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Aundrea says shoplifting alcohol multiple times a week isn’t the only way she feeds her addiction.

"To get money for alcohol, I have sold my prescription anti-anxiety medications," Aundrea reveals. "I didn’t realize that I was committing a crime, that it made me a drug dealer. I thought I was just helping out a friend."

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In the video above, hear how Aundrea says she “perfected” her shoplifting technique. And, hear how she claims she learned about selling prescription drugs for money. And, Dr. Phil shows her the dangerous consequences of her behavior.

On Monday's episode, how will Aundrea react when a doctor tells her she may only have a short time to live? Is she ready to give up drinking? Check here to see where you can watch.

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