“My 12-year-old son, Jack, is completely out of control,” says Jen. “He’s hit me, kicked me, punched me, broken my windows in my house, threatened to stab me with a knife."

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Jen says that over the years, her son has been diagnosed with several mental illnesses and been put on over 50 medications, but that nothing seems to help calm his behavior.

While she says she believes her son suffers from a mental illness, she says her ex-husband claims the boy is possessed by demonic spirits and wants to perform an exorcism on the child.

“He said he had a whole group of guys working on it, and he already picked out the place, and he’d already had his house blessed. Now, my 12-year-old believes he has demons inside of him,” Jen says. “There’s no way on Earth that I’m going let him perform an exorcism on my son.”

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Jen claims that John’s harsh discipline contributes to Jack's behavior. “John is spanking Jack, and we’ve been told not to spank Jack from CPS and from the state hospital,” she says. “John doesn’t understand what’s going on in Jack’s head. He needs to understand more, instead of just thinking that he can beat him into behaving.”

Hear more of Jen's story in the video above. And on Wednesday's episode of Dr. Phil, watch home video of how John disciplines his son. What does Dr. Phil think needs to happen to help the child? Check here to see where you can watch.

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Woman Says 12-Year-Old Son Has Threatened To Kill Her

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Playing Woman Says 12-Year-Old Son Has Threatened To Kill Her

Woman Says 12-Year-Old Son Has Threatened To Kill Her