Ernest and Christy admit that their marriage is filled with conflict. The parents of two daughters say they fight about cleaning the house – which is filled with clutter, dirty dishes, and ants – money, and parenting. And, they say their conflict has negatively affected their daughters.

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“Our oldest started cutting herself, and our youngest started stress eating,” Christy says.

“Christy’s unhealthy, and it’s trickling down to the girls,” Ernest claims. “My youngest has gained weight because Christy allows her to eat anything she wants and as much as she wants.”
The couple also claims the other involves the children in their disagreements.  

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“The girls don’t have any memories of a happy family,” Christy says. “Their whole life has been this chaos.”
Hear more about the parents’ chaotic marriage in the video above, including how money is one of the main factors dividing them apart.
On Thursday’s episode of Dr. Phil, hear from Christy and Ernest’s two daughters and what they say about their parents’ relationship – and their parenting. Check here to see where you can watch.