Jennifer says that when her daughters, Carly, 18, and Marie, 15, were 6 and 3 years old, their father died by suicide. She says their family has never properly grieved.

“It was a big loss to all of us,” says Jennifer. “I don’t think that we’ve been able to get the help that we need in order to heal.”

Today, Jennifer says that Carly has turned out “fine,” but Marie’s behaviors are so “out-of-control” that any time she tries to talk to her daughter, the teenager refuses to open up and tell her what’s "really going on." Jennifer claims that Marie smokes marijuana daily, refuses to go to school, hangs out with known gang members, and has run away from home about 20 times.

“It just feels like you don’t care,” says Marie, who claims she was recently assaulted. She says she’s been traumatized and is tired of feeling abandoned by her mother, who she claims blamed her for the attack. Jennifer claims that when she tried talking to her daughter about the attack, Marie blamed her for the assault.

Does Jennifer apologize to Marie? And later, what does Dr. Phil say to Jennifer and her daughters to help them move toward repairing their family relationships?

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