“The thing that terrifies me in life more than anything else is getting the stomach virus,” says Jeanine who claims she has anxiety, panic attacks, a fear of germs, and of getting the stomach flu. She says it’s these fears that have led her to develop several behaviors including constantly washing her hands, using hand sanitizer and wiping down all surfaces with disinfecting wipes.

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“If I even hear about someone being ill, I panic,” says Jeanine who admits she homeschools her kids because “I don’t want them going to Public school where you can contract the stomach bug.”

Jeanine says her fears about germs have also taken over her family’s lives, with her oldest son, Jesse, developing a fear of the stomach virus, and her daughter developing anxiety about leaving the house.

Jeanine says she considers her car her “safe space,” and if she’s feeling overwhelmed, having high anxiety, or is feeling close to a panic attack, she’ll lock herself in her vehicle at night - and sleep there - until her apprehension passes.

“I want more than anything else to have a normal life for me and my children – but it’s not possible," says Jeanine.

Jeanine says her life is “out of control,” and she feels like a prisoner in her own home. Is there help for this family? Tune in to Wednesday’s Dr. Phil. Find out where to watch here.

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‘I’m Very Isolated’ Says Teen Who Describes Anxiety, Compulsions, And Fear Of Germs