Kristin says the last time she saw her 15-year-old son, Ethan, alive, he was heading to his best friend’s house. Ethan was shot and killed that day while the boys were playing with an unsecured handgun.

“My entire world imploded,” says Kristin, adding, “There’s absolutely zero way to get your life back. You just can’t do it. You’re broken forever.”

Kristin claims she had no idea that there were firearms in the home her son visited and says she is still shocked that the father who owned the unsecured gun that killed Ethan was never held accountable. Watch the video above to hear more about the incident that ended Ethan’s life.

This episode of Dr. Phil, “Unsecured Guns: Who’s to Blame?” airs Wednesday. And later, hear how Kristin fought to have Ethan’s Law enacted in Connecticut. Passed in 2019, the law strengthens requirements for the safe storage of firearms in the home. Follow for updates on the process of adopting Ethan's Law at the national level.

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WATCH: ‘We Never Thought It Would Happen To Us,’ Says Man Whose Son Was Shot With An Unsecured Gun In Their Home

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