Brandi says she hasn’t seen or spoken to her 11-year-old son since separating from her now ex-husband, Victor, in January. She claims there had been a no-contact order in place until their divorce was finalized, which it recently was.

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“So you could call your son and you don’t?” Dr. Phil asks her on Thursday’s episode.

Brandi claims she’s tried, but Victor says “She has not tried enough.” He claims he’s encouraged Brandi to send their son cards and gifts as well as to video chat with the boy, but she has sent him a package only once.

“I tell him that his mother has a problem and ‘we’re gonna try to get your mom fixed, we’re gonna try to get her treatment,’” says Victor who claims Brandi is an abusive alcoholic. “And he tells me, ‘I don’t think mommy could ever be fixed.’”
Why does Brandi say she hasn’t reached out to her son?

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