Heather says up until a few years ago, her daughter, Marissa, was a “phenomenal young lady.” She says the 15-year-old played basketball and won a beauty pageant. Then, she says, the teen started acting out.
“She started smoking marijuana, started vaping. She started speaking to me with such disrespect,” Heather claims. She also says her daughter has stolen her car nine times, and the last time, was brought home by the police. “She definitely has two sides. She’s an amazing young lady, but it’s like a light switch; She becomes the manipulating, the lying.”

Heather, a long time Dr. Phil fan and member of the Dr. Phil Phanatics Facebook fan group, drove 1,600 miles to get help. “I am mentally and physically exhausted,” she says. “I fear that Marissa could end up dead.”
Hear more of Heather’s story in the video above. On Friday’s episode, hear what Marissa says about her behavior – and what she tells her mother she needs from her. Plus, one of the world’s leading child behavioral experts, Dr. Michele Borba, works closely with Dr. Phil to impart potentially life-changing advice to Heather and her daughter. Check local listings to see where you can watch "'How Do I Parent My ‘Jekyll and Hyde’ Daughter?'"

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