“My son, JJ, is out of control,” says Bree.
She says the 11-year-old has thrown his bed across the room, makes holes in the walls of their house with a knife and screwdriver, and has hit, kicked, punched and bitten her.

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“One day, he had a knife, and he told me that he would stab me,” Bree says, adding that she now hides the knives under her bed. “My biggest fear is that JJ is either going to hurt himself or somebody else.”
Bree’s mom, Mary, adds, “JJ has no control over his emotions, and he will lash out at anyone telling him what to do.”

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JJ isn’t just acting out at home. In the video above, hear about his behavior at school and why the school was forced to implement a safety plan.
On Tuesday’s episode of Dr. Phil, find out why Dr. Phil tells Bree that her son cannot return to her home. Check here to see where you can watch.