Janene says her daughter Taylor has faked 10 pregnancies and multiple miscarriages over the last nine years. 

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“I think Taylor fakes pregnancies because she thrives on the attention that she gets from them, more than anything,” Janene says. “Her ultimate goal seems to be to get the attention of whatever man she’s with at the time.”
Taylor’s sister Breanna adds, “When it comes to anything that’s about pregnancy, she cannot be trusted.”

WATCH: Why Mom Says She Chose To Believe Daughter Was Pregnant Even Though She Lied Numerous Times Before

The women claim Taylor shows them ultrasounds that aren’t hers and photos of pregnancy tests, but no real proof that she has ever been pregnant. So, when Taylor announced in May that she was once again pregnant, Janene and Breanna say they were skeptical, but that this time, a sonogram convinced them that Taylor was finally telling the truth.
“I had no reason not to believe her,” Breanna says. “I was really holding out hope that she was pregnant this time.”
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On Wednesday’s episode of Dr. Phil, hear from Taylor, who says she wants to come clean to her family. Will she? Check here to see where you can watch.