Sherry claims she is absolutely terrified of her 8-year-old son and his violent outbursts. She says his behavior is “out of control and downright scary.”

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“When I’ve been scared the most is when he picks up random objects, throws them at me, and then punches the walls,” Sherry says. “I feel like he could snap at any time.”

Sherry, who claims her elementary school child has also stolen the neighbors’ dog, stole his grandfather’s car and crashed it, has harmed animals and has been handcuffed by police, says that she blames the child's behavior on his father.

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“When my son goes to his dad’s house, he can watch violent television shows, and play violent video games,” Sherry claims. “It’s all because of the lack of supervision in his father’s home.”

Todd, the boy’s father, says his son just has a creative mind and needs attention. He says Sherry doesn’t have the patience to be a mother and is looking for “quick fix solutions” to their son’s behavior issues.

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Saying she’s desperate for help, Sherry turns to Dr. Phil. “I’m just tired of the constant screaming, from the time I wake up ‘til the time I go to bed. It’s just a nightmare,” she says. “I’m living a life sentence, and it feels like it’s never going end.”

On Thursday's episode, Dr. Phil has a stern warning for the parents. Why does he say they may be contributing to their son’s behavior? And, what does he think needs to happen with the young boy? Check here to see where you can watch.

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8-Year-Old Accused Of Having ‘Out-Of-Control’ Behavior Talks About His Life