Heather says over the last few years, her daughter, Marissa, has gone from a “phenomenal young lady” to an out-of-control teen. Heather wrote to Dr. Phil stating that she didn’t know how to parent the 15-year-old because she was drinking, smoking marijuana, had stolen her car multiple times, and was sneaking out. Mother and daughter appeared on Dr. Phil – but Heather says since then, the now 16-year-old’s behavior has gotten “way, way worse.”
“This spring, she was caught again at school with another vape, and she got a legal citation,” Heather says. “She has stolen my car at least 15 more times.”

Heather says Marissa is still smoking weed and drinking – and that she even tried to harm her. “Two weeks ago, I found a message on Marissa’s phone saying that she attempted to kill me,” Heather says. However, Marissa denies she tried to poison her mom and says it was a joke.
“The last time that we were on the show, she was able to pull the wool over everyone’s eyes,” Heather says. 
What does Marissa say about her behavior? And, Dr. Phil and child behavioral psychologist Dr. Michele Borba weigh in on what they think is really going on in this mother-daughter relationship. See what happens on Thursday’s episode, "'Last Ditch Attempt to Save My Daughter.'" Check local listings to see where you can tune in.

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