Despite saying that she no longer believes her ex, Daniel, sexually abused their daughter, Lynsey says she doesn’t regret bringing the allegation to authorities.

“Do I have any regret for trying to protect my daughter from her saying that her dad sexually abused her? Nope,” Lynsey tells Dr. Phil. “I do have regrets on how I handled the whole situation. But I didn’t know what to do. This was not something that was premeditated and planned like you’re trying to make it seem.”

Lynsey claims Sophie returned home from an overnight visit with her father in December 2014 and there was “physical damage to her private areas” and “she was acting extremely traumatized.” She then videotaped the couple’s then-3-year-old daughter crying and seemingly claiming she didn’t want to see her father again because he might hurt her.

Daniel accused Lynsey of coaching the little girl into making such accusations, and while Lynsey insists she never coached Sophie, a court ruled in Daniel's favor and Lynsey has since lost custody of the child.

“That is coaching the child,” Dr. Phil says to Lynsey after reviewing the videotapes. “You don’t believe that you were leading your daughter?”

“No, I don’t,” Lynsey says. “I believe those videos are absolutely heartbreaking … I had a traumatized 3-year-old girl who is saying, ‘My daddy hurt me.’”

Daniel’s parents come to their son’s defense, claiming Lynsey “thrives on drama” and is “controlling, rude, arrogant” and “abusive.” Lynsey’s own parents also speak out, with some surprising words for their daughter.

“We both believe Lynsey needs counseling before she can be a part of Sophie’s life. We have asked her to do family counseling for many years. We do not believe that Daniel has ever sexually molested Sophie,” Lynsey’s parents say in a statement to Dr. Phil. “Lynsey has used the same accusations with us, and others, when she hasn’t gotten her way. We love our daughter, but we do not want her in our life because of all the drama she creates and lies she tells. We believe Daniel and his parents are doing a wonderful job raising Sophie. When we are with Sophie, she is a very happy and loving 4-year-old. We love Sophie very much and only want what is best for our granddaughter.”