Emma says she sometimes feels like her parents, Jen and Bill, don’t love her.

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“My mom says horrible things like I’m a failure - that she’s disappointed to have me as a daughter,” claims Emma, adding, “When she says she doesn’t love me, it, it traumatizes me.” “I’ve never said I don’t love you. I don’t always like you - but I always love you,” says Jen, denying Emma’s claim.

Jen and Bill say their daughter has anxiety and depression and has been diagnosed with bipolar disorder. They also say she and her 16-year-old sister, Meredith, are “out of control,” claiming the girls take their cars without permission, drink alcohol, are addicted to marijuana, and have become violent with them - and with each other.

Emma says she’s “sick of all of the disagreements,” and all she wants is family stability.

“Well, there’s one part we agree on,” replies Bill. “That we all want some family stability, that’s for sure.”

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