Following her separation and subsequent divorce from her husband, Victor, 42-year-old Brandi began living with her mother, Stephanie.

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Stephanie says she recently put Brandi out of her home after she became violent following a night of drinking. “Brandi got so out of hand that she pulled my hair out; slapped my fiancé in the face,” claims Stephanie. She says she kicked Brandi out “Because she cannot comply to my rules, and I do not like drinking in my home.”

Brandi admits she does like to drink, but insists, “I don’t have a drinking problem.” She claims that when her mother put her out, she was left with nothing, “not even a penny to my name.”

Stephanie says she doesn’t believe her daughter will ever stop drinking. What conclusion does she claim she’s drawn from observing Brandi’s behavior over the past several months?

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