“My 14-year-old daughter, Michelle, is a pathological liar,” says Jody.

“A master manipulator,” adds Mike, Michelle’s dad and Jody’s husband.

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The parents say Michelle used to be a well-behaved honor roll student but now, they claim she is doing drugs, drinking alcohol and dating older men. They also say the teen is a habitual runaway who has run away 10 times in the last nine months.

“My daughter was 13 the first time she didn’t come home all night without calling. We discovered that she was dating an 18-year-old boy,” Jody says. “One time, she ran away and the police were here filling out a report. When she came home, she got upset, screaming, ‘Can’t you just shoot me? Just shoot me.’”

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Scared for their daughter’s life, they turn to Dr. Phil for help.

“Our fear is she’s either going to end up on heroin, pregnant or dead,” says Mike.

On Tuesday's episode, hear from Michelle and why she says she continues to run away. And, what does her 18-year-old boyfriend say about violating the law by dating a minor? And on Wednesday, hear about an explosive conversation between Mike and his daughter's boyfriend. Plus, the drama continues backstage. Check here to see where you can watch.

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