Thirty-two-year-old Jeremy still lives at home with his parents, Cathy and Gary, who say they want their son to move out, once and for all.

But Cathy claims Jeremy has a violent temper, and she’s afraid to confront her son.

“Jeremy is extremely aggressive. Anything can set him off,” his mom claims. “He likes to get right in my face and scream at the top of his lungs … and calls me every filthy name in the book.”

“He scares me,” Cathy adds.

Though they say they’ve kicked him out several times over the years, only for him to come back each time, Cathy and Gary now say enough is enough.

“Jeremy’s anger is getting worse as he gets older,” Cathy says.

“It’s like a very bad domestic abuse situation, only it’s mother and son,” she adds. “My greatest fear is that I’m getting older and weaker and Jeremy is young and strong – and I’m afraid he might kill me.”

Watch the video above and see why Dr. Phil says this isn’t a “Jeremy problem” – it’s a family problem.